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Hermetic Leak Testing

VIC (Veeco) MS50 Helium Leak Detector (Mass Spectrometer)

Have a part that requires Hermetic Leak Testing?

Our machine can test as low as the -10 range. Industries in need of hermetic sealing would include: Semiconductor, Medical, Electronics, Aerospace, Telecommunications, and many others. A hermetically sealed device will maintain a clean and dry internal environment that will help preserve its functionality and reliability. At Laser Processing Specialists, we offer helium leak testing performed on our advanced equipment to assure the quality (hermeticity) of our work. Our facility can also help you test and rework many other types of parts that require hermetic sealing even if it wasn't laser welded , or processed by LPS.

Having more than 30 years of experience in this field, we have seen many technologies come of age. So talk to the professionals!

In the San Jose, CA area, there is no better choice for your hermetic sealing, and helium leak testing needs. We have the experience to help see you through to the end.

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